New Project Specialist at Jutlandia

On the picture from the left: Claus Thorngaard Jensen, Assistant Operations Manager, Agency & Projects and Tommy Tran, Project Specialist. 

Claus Thorngaard Jensen has the responsibility for our Agency & Projects department, which includes a total of six skilled employees. 

From Trainee to Project Specialist

Tommy Tran, one of our until now project coordinators in our Agency department, has just entered the position as Project Specialist.

Tommy started at Jutlandia Terminal and J. Lauritzen's Eftf. in 2011 as Finance Trainee In our Finance department. After completing his traineeship in 2013 he continued as a Shipping Trainee at Jutlandia’s Agency & Projects. This education he completed in 2016, and has since then worked as a Project Coordinator, where he has engaged in servicing our customers, including ships, projects and base facilities.

Throughout his time at Jutlandia, Tommy has demonstrated a special ability to successfully handle and manage major projects. Jutlandia therefore sees great opportunities in applying and visualising his competences in the projects for our customers.

We appreciate the loyalty and commitment Tommy exudes and sees this as a natural development in Tommy's competencies.

In connection with entering the new position as Project Specialist, Tommy will receive new responsibilities related to the development and implementation of Jutlandia’s and the Agency department’s projects. During the next few years Tommy will expand his competencies with further project training and education, which will strengthen his competencies in managing all facets and phases of the projects as well as coaching colleagues.

As Project Specialist Tommy will be responsible for managing and implementing complex projects and ensuring that they are carried out uniformly. He will be responsible for and lead project with support from the rest of the team and customers will meet our One Point of Contact concept, where Tommy among others will be ready to assist and advice our customers in the best possible way.

The restructuring will provide our customers with an even better experience where they will experience extraordinary service and professionalism, as we follow a uniform standard in project management.

Bruce Boyle
Noble Drilling - Drilling Superintendent
..the way things are taken care of can often depict how an organization is run. When it comes to medical situations, it is very important that the proper steps are taken and the advice from Tommy & Mette yesterday on how we should proceed was clear and very professionally put across.
I would like to thank you and your team for your assistance on this matter and please pass on mine and the Willem’s sincere thanks for doing what you do.

Thanks, Bruce
Jørgen Laursen
H.H. Danship - Manager
Vi har et godt og tæt samarbejde med Jutlandia. Gode relationer og generelt et rigtig samarbejde på alle niveauer.

Hovedårsagen til at vi har valgt at bruge Jutlandia, er fordi de tilbyder frokost og fordi Kjeld altid bringer kaffe med på kajen.
Spøg til side.. Jutlandia har altid styr på tingene og ved hvad de laver. De har nogle gode og erfarene folk.