Wind Logistics

Handling all types of turbines and components

Jutlandia has through the past 20 years been supplying services to the wind industry as one of our core competences and we handle all types of turbines and components. We are thus very experienced in port logistics for the wind industry and have worked on almost all major wind projects in Esbjerg.

Jutlandia is ideally located for the wind industry at both the Port of Esbjerg and Aarhus.

In Esbjerg we are located next to the project areas where the turbines are prepared for offshore installations. The port of Aarhus is well positioned for shipments of wind turbines to the Nordic region. This amongst other things makes Jutlandia an ideal partner and supplier.

We have dedicated stevedoring and terminal employees with a very high level of expertise and experience. We know how to handle wind mills with safety as our top priority, and with our own equipment we can handle towers, nacelles, hubs, blades, spinners etc.

On our total area of 98,000 m2 we can store wind components with secured facilities.

If you need transport solutions of on- and offshore wind turbine blades or components we can also coordinate that for you. Jutlandia has a large network of carriers with whom we have beneficial agreements. All coordination is handled by Jutlandia.

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