HH Danship A/S - Ship call no. 100

From left: Martin Beck, new Operator HH Danship A/S, Claus Jensen, Assistant Operations Manager Jutlandia Terminal, Jan Bo Jørgensen, Operator HH Danship A/S, Jørgen Lauersen, Director HH Danship A/S, Dennis Jensen, Project Coordinator Jutlandia Terminal. 

Both Claus Jensen, Assistant Operations Manager, Agency & Projects Jutlandia Terminal, Jørgen Lauersen, Director HH Danship A/S and Jan Bo Jørgensen, Operator HH Danship A/S has been involved since first ship call. 

Great milestone is reached!

On Wednesday, February 20, Jutlandia and HH Danship A/S celebrate ship call no. 100.
The first vessel sailed into Esbjerg harbor on August 7, 2013. Over the past few years, the number of ship calls has been increasing.

When the vessel moore to the quay outside Jutlandia Terminal either Jørgen Lauersen, Director or Jan Bo Jørgensen, Operator at HH Danship A/S are present and has been at every call throughout the years. In cooperation with Jutlandia, the unloading operation is coordinated and the trucks are send off with the cargo.

Jutlandia's Agency works as One Point of Contact towards HH Danship A/S, where Dennis Jensen, Project Coordinator at Jutlandia has the primary contact. As the OPC, Dennis will keep the stevedore department and terminal informed of the expected time of operation as well as book the quay, welders, and what might else be needed in connection with the operation. As the agent for HH Danship A/S in Esbjerg, Jutlandia coordinates contact with the shipping companies and the vessels and takes care of clearing of these. Also Jutlandia participates in a large part of the planning that takes place before the operation starts. When the cargo is unloaded from the vessel by Jutlandia's stevedores the cargo are picked up by hauliers, and Jutlandia's terminal operators load the cargo on the trucks. An operation usually takes between 5-8 hours depending on the number and types of items.

"Through the years HH Danship A/S and Jutlandia Terminal has build a close relationship, based on a common understanding of the ship calls, logistics, action-oriented solutions and communication", says Jørgen Lauersen, Director HH Danship A/S. "Our cooperation is based on trust, respect and good relations, and we look forward to a cooperation that will continue for many years to come".

Dennis Jensen, Project Coordinator at Jutlandia says, ” many things has been optimized in the way we handle the operations, which means that we each know our role and know what we can expect from each other. It means a lot to Jutlandia that we have maintained the good cooperation for many years and managed to develop the handling of the materials”.

We look forward to the next many years of cooperation!

In a month, Jan Bo Jørgensen retires, leaving the job as Operator to Martin Beck. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank Jan Bo for the excellent cooperation we have had since the beginning, which has been a great pleasure. Also, we congratulate Martin on the new position, and we look forward to future cooperation with Martin on the team.

Ship call no. 100

Bruce Boyle
Noble Drilling - Drilling Superintendent
..the way things are taken care of can often depict how an organization is run. When it comes to medical situations, it is very important that the proper steps are taken and the advice from Tommy & Mette yesterday on how we should proceed was clear and very professionally put across.
I would like to thank you and your team for your assistance on this matter and please pass on mine and the Willem’s sincere thanks for doing what you do.

Thanks, Bruce
Jørgen Laursen
H.H. Danship - Manager
Vi har et godt og tæt samarbejde med Jutlandia. Gode relationer og generelt et rigtig samarbejde på alle niveauer.

Hovedårsagen til at vi har valgt at bruge Jutlandia, er fordi de tilbyder frokost og fordi Kjeld altid bringer kaffe med på kajen.
Spøg til side.. Jutlandia har altid styr på tingene og ved hvad de laver. De har nogle gode og erfarene folk.