A forceful stevedore department

From the left: Kim List, Operations Manager, Stevedoring and Morten Lorenzen, Supervisor, Stevedoring.

Lately we have expanded our stevedore department to keep staffing and operations in balance. We have experienced a significant increase in our incoming operations and it is incredibly important that we meet these with the required number of supervisors, both in relation to the customer and equally to our employees.

We have a very strong team of supervisors with incredibly good skills and experiences. We must have, to continuously exceed our customers' expectations and to continue to offer solutions that often prove to be resource-saving for our customers simply because we solve the tasks in the most optimal way. This is obtained by focusing on development and education. 

On August 6, 2018, we welcomed yet another Stevedore Supervisor joining our stevedore department, this time Morten Lorenzen.

Morten is 38 years old, has two children, and lives in Esbjerg. He has previously worked in the wind industry as a site supervisor for many years, and most recently as stevedore supervisor at another company. He has extensive experience in loading and unloading operations. Morten carries out loading and unloading of all types of vessels, including installation vessels, at Jutlandia.

"With Morten on our team we are continuously ready to receive more jobs; also more complex jobs. It further gives us an opportunity to get insights of what happens after our loadings, and a larger load-technical background knowledge, so that we can accommodate any needs that exist at the various sites around the world. Thus, our solutions can be adapted not only to the shipping companies' needs, but also to the site that receives and installs the components. Customers will ultimately be able to save money per. turbine since we can meet needs further out of the logistics chain", says Kim List, Operations Manager, Stevedoring. 

Since his first day at Jutlandia, Morten has been active in the projects.

"I have had dialogues with Jutlandia for a number of years through my previous work. Especially because of a good working environment and good conditions, it seem as a company which I would like to be a part of. Since I started, we have been particularly busy with installation vessels for MHI Vestas as well as regular calls, and we have a very good teamwork I have had a good start and got some good colleagues", says Morten Lorenzen, Stevedore Supervisor.

We are pleased to have welcomed yet another good colleague! 



Jutlandia has more than 30 years of experience with stevedoring at the Port of Esbjerg, which makes us very competent to handle loadings, unloadings, lashing and securing goods etc.

Read more about our stevedore services here

Bruce Boyle
Noble Drilling - Drilling Superintendent
..the way things are taken care of can often depict how an organization is run. When it comes to medical situations, it is very important that the proper steps are taken and the advice from Tommy & Mette yesterday on how we should proceed was clear and very professionally put across.
I would like to thank you and your team for your assistance on this matter and please pass on mine and the Willem’s sincere thanks for doing what you do.

Thanks, Bruce
Jørgen Laursen
H.H. Danship - Manager
Vi har et godt og tæt samarbejde med Jutlandia. Gode relationer og generelt et rigtig samarbejde på alle niveauer.

Hovedårsagen til at vi har valgt at bruge Jutlandia, er fordi de tilbyder frokost og fordi Kjeld altid bringer kaffe med på kajen.
Spøg til side.. Jutlandia har altid styr på tingene og ved hvad de laver. De har nogle gode og erfarene folk.